Welding shield OT-13

  • Designation: protection of the welder's eyes and face against infrared, ultraviolet radiation and splinters of solids occuring during welding
  • Product code: 225
  • Body material: pressboard 1,2mm
  • Handle: beech wood
  • Colour: black
  • Size of filter and protective glass: 50x100mm
  • DIN: 10-11 (according to standard PN-EN 169:2003)
  • Body dimensions: 450x270x190mm
  • Weight: 423g
  • Quantity in master case: 10 pcs
  • The product meets the requirements of the standard: PN-EN 175:1999
  • Mark: CE
Tarcza spawalnicza OT-13
Tarcza spawalnicza OT-13
Tarcza spawalnicza OT-13