Welding helmet OT-18 PRO

Purpose: protection of the welder's eyes and face against harmful radiation and splinters of solids occuring during welding: direct current and variable coated electrode, gas shielding using MIG, MAG, TIG, WIG methods as well as plasma cutting and welding

  • Product code: 281
  • Body material: plastic resistant to high temperature
  • Headgear: plastic, with smooth adjustment of the belted head
  • Colour: black
  • Size of filter: 90x110mm
  • Size of protective glass: 90x110mm and 96x116mm
  • DIN: 10 (EN 169)
  • Body dimensions: 200x330x190mm
  • Weight: 436g
  • Quantity in master case: 5 pieces
  • The product meets the requirements of the standard: PN-EN 175:1999
  • Mark: CE


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Gold Vision