Offer of services on CNC lathes

We offer turning services using a CNC lathe machine. We make individual details as well as serial production. Our experience makes the production of a very good quality / price ratio.

Lathe CNC TUG 56MN

The TUG-56MN lathe was designed as a universal two-axle lathe-controlled lathe machine with a turret or a miter with hand tools. The design of the lathe based on a classic flat bed allows you to fit a detail of a disc type with a diameter of up to 560 mm. At the same time, the lathe allows turning of long details up to 1500mm in the fangs, and for the light machining a 2000mm version of the turning length is available. The large spindle passage and the use of a through grip allow for the machining of a rod with a diameter of up to 75 mm. The general stiffness of the bed, supports and the turret allows for machining with exorbitant cutting parameters using modern cutting tools.

Mechanical specyfications:

The maximum diameter of the passage

over the guides of the bed

560 [mm]

over the guides of the cross slide

300 [mm]

the maximum machining diameter, using the chuck

450 [mm]

machining length in centres

925/1425 [mm]

max workpiece weight

150 [kg]


spindle hole diameter

75/105 [mm]

diameter of the draw tube hole

63/91 [mm]

the tip of the spindle

140h5/220j5 [mm]

spindle speed range

0 ÷ 2500 [obr/min]

Cross slide

cross travel „X”

204 [mm]

cross travel „X” maximum speed

8 [m/min]

longitudinal travel „Z”

1000/1500 [mm]

cross travel „Z” max speed

6 [m/min]

Axies servo motors

cross travel „Z”

6/7 [Nm]

cross travel „X”

3/7 [Nm]

Drive motor


7/10 [kW]

spindle speed range

0 ÷ 2500 [obr/min]

maximum spindle torque

64/255 [Nm]


tailstock quill

stożek Morse'a nr 5

quill clamping force

70 ÷ 700 [daN]

quill diameter

75 [mm]

tailstock quill travel

180 [mm]

Machine tool dimensions


1590 [mm]


3500 [mm]


1566 [mm]


2500 [kg]