Elegant cigarette case designed to hold eighteen standard length cigarettes. Made of high quality plastic. Equipped with two elastic band, which very effectively stabilize the cigarettes and a spring opening mechanism. Available in four different colours.

  • Product code: 960/N/01
  • Model: classic
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 95x83x19mm
  • Weight: 32g
  • Colour: black/brown/green/blue
  • Length of cigarette: 84mm
  • Diameter of cigarette: 8mm
  • User manual: yes
  • Unit package: carton
  • Dimensions of the unit package: 100x86x21mm
  • Master case: 100pcs
  • Dimensions of the master case: 380x250x220mm
  • Weight of the master case: 4,2kg
  • Additional accesories available: no
  • Additional spare parts available: no