Offer of services on CNC milling machines

We offer milling services through a CNC milling machine. We make single details as well as serial production. Thanks to our experience, the production of a detail is characterized by a very good price-quality ratio.

R1000 vertical center

The R1000 vertical machining center is a machine tool that is numerically controlled and equipped with a continuous control system. The center can be successfully used both for work in the conditions of unit and series production.

The precision of the machining process on the R1000 machining center is ensured by the use of high accuracy class bearings in the spindle system, backlash-free ball screw gears for X, Y and Z axis travel, bearing on bearings with high axial stiffness. Both the spindle revolutions and the size of the working feeds are infinitely adjustable and programmable.

Mechanical specyfications:

Working space


1720x500 [mm]

number of T-Slots

5 [szt]

T-Slot width

14 [mm]

T-Slot center distance

100 [mm]

maximum weight on the table

500 [kg]

Maximum travels

„X” axis

1000 [mm]

„Y” axis

510 [mm]

„Z” axis

560 [mm]




tool clamping force

7,5 [kN]

rapids on „X” and „Y”

30 [m/min]

rapids on „Z”  

20 [m/min]

Axes motors

„X” axis  

8/7 [Nm]

„Y” axis  

8/7 [Nm]

„Z” axis   

12/11 [Nm]

Main drive motor

S1/S6 power

7,5/11 [kW]

speed range

45 ÷ 8000 lub 10000  [obr/min]

maximum torque

74 [Nm]

Tool changer



maximum tool diameter

80 [mm]

maximum tool lenght

300 [mm]

maximum tool weight

8 [kg]

tool change time

7 [s]

Machine tool dimensions


2950 [mm]


2300 [mm]


2750 [mm]


4500 [kg]